"I loved that the box was a variety of classics like Lays, and cheez-its but then had healthier options such as popchips. They also had new brands and we each found something new we liked, even my daughter!”


“When I was looking for fun snacks to introduce to my family Variety Fun saved me so much time. In one box I got a lot of different yummy brands that I never heard of before and now love. They are my go-to snack company.”


"My kids were so excited when they opened the Variety Fun Box! It was filled with so many snacks my kids love and even things they have never tried! They can’t wait for the next one!"


“I’m not sure who enjoyed our Variety Fun snack box more, me or the kids!! We typically buy snacks in bulk thus never get such a great variety, so these are fabulous treats or rewards (bribes??) in their lunch boxes, on-the-go after school, etc."