Variety Fun™ Subscription Service delivers an assortment of classic & healthy snacks, improving workplace culture, & boosting employee morale.

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Big Drop Inc. subscribes to 200 Healthy and 200 Classic Snacks per Month

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Why We're Fun

  • Wholesale Club Pricing

    Bulk value, bigger savings

  • Fast and Free Recurring Delivery

    Shorten your grocery store trip

  • Wide Assortment

    Enjoy your favorites while exploring new ones

Energize Meetings

It's been proven that snacking during meetings keeps employees more engaged and at a more continuous energy level throughout the day.

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Our competitive pricing is the result of working with dozens of businesses to determine what price works best for them. Whether you're a top-dog or a startup-pup our prices will work for you.

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    Variety Fun donates thousands of treats to families in need every month